By Ted Norbert

We introduced the first in the English market pioneer and absolutely different model positioning One Way Links with widely available options offered by almost all companies here in England.

We call it SEO Link Building - a building pozycjonerskiej network links.

Model is divided into option STANDARD (best in most cases) and the most exclusive form of cooperation with the assumptions of the model - SEO Link Building PRO.

Why do we model different from those commonly used in England?

Because we are building the foundations of cooperation with you based on openness, honesty and flexibility that is required positioning!

Because we are enemies of unfair practices involving lack your expertise.

We are the world's innovators. Based on similar models from year positions in the U.S. and the UK.

In England, was the standard "payment for results" as a result of excessive pressure clients to reduce costs of promotion. Many incompetent companies pozycjonerskich very spoiled face the industry, to the point that many people, paradoxically, in concept of security and the desire to avoid the risk of the will is a model in which (only deceptively) accounts for specific items were found.

Unfortunately, ignorance of the mechanics of action in the positioning and a lack of expertise create a unique opportunity for many fraudulent companies to exploit this fact and reap the benefits.


But let us return to the model of SEO Link Building .

In our opinion, in light of changes in Google has other opportunities to position more difficult phrases, large sites and sites associated with larger projects. most important thing is to build an efficient traffic channel, not the position for position on the contracts binding you a long time, and based on a specific action for a pre-selected sets of phrases (which after all, even leading positions may be meaningless due to the minimal movement and should be changed.)





Here are the key factors that distinguish the proposed model of SEO Link Building the widely available on the market, traditional models of cooperation in the field of positioning.

Investment security. 

Positioning domains takes the form of a transparent and dedicated to the project.

The results of this work are permanent and shall be even after the cooperation.

In the traditional model, offered in England, it is impossible - the client dependent on pozycjonerskiej company, which positions it on its own infrastructure and often positioned YOUR domain, instead of the customer - only forwarding them using 301 redirects the client to the domain, giving her a way his power and positions.

At the time when the customer terminates the contract with the company - all built for him so far linking is removed (which is linked to the infrastructure which is owned pozycjonerskiej), or in the case of the brutal methods of diversion - it is simply removed and the customer domain disappears the results of Google, but the domain of high pozycjonerskiej.

The question is - who is so really positioning the company pozycjonerska? 
Whose positioning are paying?

Do not be deceived positioning theory, low costs and payments for the results!

Ask yourself the question: what happens if the company positioning cease to exist? (And in this industry is very high turnover and a lot of companies for various reasons cease to exist, and in their place, new). Do you want your items and income depend on the existence of another company? Is it safe for your internet business?

SEO Link Building provides security for your investment.

The effects of the work carried out during the collaboration will be permanent.

This works just as if you hired a SEO specialists who would work for you and doing the work. The results of their work would be yours.

Working with our team in the model of SEO Link Building

Employment pozycjonerskiego own team consisting of one or more persons - experts

No additional costs, settlement on the basis of VAT invoices.

The same as the functionality of any internal pozycjonerskiego.

Additional costs, social security, high wages of professionals.

It should be added that it is very difficult to hire a good specialist, because these people just run their own businesses.

Extensive workshop based on proprietary solutions, software and technology.

Highly probable lack of copyright and referencing solutions based on commercially available solutions (higher risk).

Extensive technical infrastructure: hardware and zapleczowa.

Due to the very high costs of development and maintenance of infrastructure - rather, it is impossible to have it by the person employing the time.

Employed team timescale (if it consists of very good professionals) is able to build everything - the question arises whether it makes economic sense and whether it worth it?

Unfortunately, the positioning is difficult to act alone, especially if we are referring to major projects. Optimization has become a "sport" a team. It is difficult for it to someone who is a specialist SEO was also a good SEO copywriter and SEO programmer.

The number of changes in the algorithms strong preference for teams, where it is easier to divide up tasks and keep up to date on the changing situation.

The ability to conduct a broad action pozycjonerskiego a fixed budget for this purpose.

In this model of cooperation shall be specified budget and in the planning of activity. The bigger the budget the wider range of activities to be performed during the month and increased efficiency. The big advantage is also true that the model enables seamless wide range of activities and positioning can be so very effective and diversified.

Diversification in positioning is very important.

Nothing precludes the inclusion of the finest tools and opportunities to work for your project.

Unlimited flexibility measures in the framework of the positioning.

Smooth possibility to change the course of the project. 
Changes may include priorities phrases, new phrase, changes intensify the implementation of each task in the project, etc.

The most important is the traffic on your website, so the joint analysis of the results without problems abandon ineffective phrases introduce new turn on new activities, etc.

The possibility of combining the activities pozycjonerskich conducted for the domain.

Only in this model it is possible to perfect harmony in action pozycjonerskim in a selected part of a larger project. The cooperation model offers the ability to integrate activities that will lead to you our team pozycjonerski of actions that run independently on their own. Thanks to this large-scale projects can get a lot of new and valuable "power" remained under tight control, and being fully scalable performance.

Fair, clear terms of the agreement and the short period of notice.

cornerstones of our business are: honesty, integrity and openness. Enrolment Agreement oblige us to strenuous effort to develop for you concrete results that will translate into a long and successful continuation of our cooperation.

We make every effort to ensure that our work yields benefits and your high satisfaction. Do not fear the conditions of the contract and the short period of its termination. We are confident of our work, what we do and we believe that all of this will bring you benefits. However, if for some reason it was necessary to suspend operations - SEO Link Building model allows relatively quick closing action, or suspension of activities.

The possibility of positioning multiple domains and phrases in the action.

Under this model, there is no generally imposed restrictions on the terms and positioned domains for which we are building infrastructure. Our experience to maximize the opportunities available. If you have more sites (domains) that you want to promote on Google - SEO Link Building is the perfect model for you.

Focus on the positioning of which is the movement (inputs) Positioning domain. Model Seo Link Building can focus on this in order to increase the traffic on your domains.

Initially we analyze the initial basket phrases and work to achieve the best results. Then comes the moment of the analysis and the decision to add new phrases, giving up activities for those phrases that do not make sense = call this optimization strategy.

ONLY the implementation of the promotion in Google will build for you in the time scale (in the longer term) very good channel customers harvesters you organic search engine results.

Please note that the models widely available in England, the implementation of such a strategy impossible or at least difficult and binding for you to additional costs and loss of time ... and the time is still the most important factor in the whole of your business.

TIME - to realize the importance of a bit of time in business will use a small example.

Suppose your business online earn 5000 dollars.

This raises the question: OK, but at what time?

If they include two weeks, you can consider this as a very good result.

If, however, include one year ... you may find that the profit does not cover even the cost of operating your business online.

Do you see how much important is the factor of time?

Trust us - you do not have it just to lose it!

Positioning itself will force a very high patience and will take time.

Absolutely not worth the risk of losses on the action, which by definition are not for you neither effective nor beneficial.

Consulting and advisory services during the collaboration.

We will help you at every stage of the project. We undertake discussions on the action plan, advise, analyze, assist in decisions relating to the operation pozycjonerskim. partnering with us, you can fully experience the great benefits and satisfaction can work with a professional and experienced team.

Reports on the work and monitoring activities.

During the cooperation you have a full view of the scope of work for you and monitor your positions results were found, we are working on. Besides every month we provide a progress report of the work performed and any comments or suggestions for the next steps. information supporting validation data objectively and measurably made ​​operating range.

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